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Wickham Floors is a Quebec, Canada based company that has manufacturing beautiful & elegant wood floors for over 30 years.



Wickham has gained a reputation across Quebec and Canada for it’s high quality hardwood floors and incredible styles. Their primary focus is on using Northern Trees for their wood selection, and originally crafted styles available in a wide variety of finishes. 

We are proud to bring this amazing brand and it’s product selection for everyone to love here in the Greater Toronto Area.



Wickham Flooring Collections

Mountain Home Collection

Wild West Collection

Winery Collection

Bringing Out The Natural Beauty Of Wood

Wickham’s wirebrushing and handscraping techniques are one of the keys to what makes their floors stand out among others. These techniques that they have mastered over their storied history brilliantly bring out the beauty of the wood and provide an extravagant natural look and feel to any interior space.

Beyond the textures, their floors are also available in a variety of finishes, including matte and glossy, to give a unique ambiance to each of their individual floor styles.

Select Range Of Solid Hardwood Options

Instead of having a vast portfolio of floor collections, Wickham has focused on a small selection of styles that are truly masterfully designed to the highest level.

In line with this idea of offering a limited but very fine selection, Wickham manufactures their floors using a select range of high-quality & highly desirable wood types, each with their own unique look and charm. These wood types include:

Red Oak
White Oak

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