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Triforest Flooring Canada Inc. is a company specializing in high-quality laminate flooring, as well as other flooring products such as hardwood, WPC, and SPC.


Triforest manufactures its products using super high-density HDF fiberboards. By putting multiple coats of varnish, a coat of Oxide Aluminum and a final wear layer of Sheng Lang’s award-winning Highlight Wearable Melamine Impregnated Paper®, the company ensures their products have outstanding abrasion resistance finish. These award winning laminate floors are extremely durable and high quality. In order to continuously supply such high-quality products, Triforest implements an ISO9001 Quality Control System and an ISO 14001 Environmental Quality System. Triforest has from it’s beginning taken pride in indoor air quality and has prioritized it above all else.



Triforest Flooring Collections

Toucan Flooring’s SPC Collection

Matte Finish 11 Series Collection

Matte 15mm 23 Series Collection

EIR 60 Series Collection

EIR 61 Series Collection

EIR 62 Series Collection

EIR Handscraped 70 Series Collection

Indoor Air Quality As Top Priority

The company’s manufacturing process is closely monitored and third party certified. Triforest prides itself on being a highly advanced company in regards to it’s emission standards. Having obtained world class, low- formaldehyde emissions and CARB2 certification, Triforest ensures that their flooring products are safe for indoor use. Triforest’s superior quality laminate operates worldwide, and is a huge hit in the Chinese market. With the aim of being a multinational company, Triforest operates in many countries and regions including North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and so on.

Aim Of Producing The Highest Quality Laminate Flooring In The Market

In addition to laminate, Triforest also produces moulding and mould pressing. Currently, Triforest offers four different lines of laminate. The Hand Scrape Series is available in three unique coloured floors, which mimic hand-scraped wood grain. The Gloss Series showcases three individual realistic floors with a glossy finish and unique sheen. The Syncchronous Wood Grain Series takes realistic wood flooring to a new level of quality, with ultra-realistic wood patterns in fourteen gorgeous colours. The V Groove Silk Series offers seven wide plank flooring colours and textures finished with a glossy shine. These floors are available for purchase today from various Canadian retailers. In order to view a complete catalogue, please visit the Triforest Flooring website or inquire with a regional sales manager today.

Durable And Resilient Flooring Options

All of their laminate floors are manufactured using Sheng Lang’s super high-density HDF fiberboards and WAX Sealed on the lock and joint. They also apply multiple coats of varnish as well as an additional coat of Oxide Aluminum to ensure maximum performance. The final wear layer is covered with Sheng Lag’s award winning Highlight Wearable Melamine Impregnated Paper, which gives the floors an exceptional abrasion resistant finish.

The unmatched durability of their products makes them versatile enough to be an excellent choice for commercial applications as well as appropriate for busy households.

Environmentally Conscious

From inception, they have placed a very high priority on indoor air quality and as such, their manufacturing processes are very closely monitored and third party certified. Although they have obtained word-class, low formaldehyde emissions and CARB2 certification for their fiberboard factory, they continue to find innovative ways to build environmentally conscious practices into their manufacturing processes.

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