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For over thirty years, Lauzon hardwood flooring in Toronto has delighted customers who want to bring the beauty of nature indoors.


President David Lauzon made his “forest to floor” vision a reality in 1985 when he invested in his passion for sustainable hardwood flooring. Although wood is a popular flooring option and is highly revered for beauty and value it adds to any home, this was not the case when the company was established. However, Lauzon held firm to his belief that the comfort, attractiveness, and resilience of wood made it an ideal flooring material. Ahead of his time in many ways, Lauzon also recognized that because of its renewable and sustainable nature, wood that is properly harvested results in a healthier, more balanced environment. Thus, he demonstrated a commitment to environmental awareness before it was considered fashionable to do so. Now a leader in the flooring industry in North America, Lauzon’s hardwood flooring is recognized globally for its quality, innovation, and high rate of customer satisfaction.

Chestnut Flooring Is Proud To Carry A Wide Selection Of Lauzon Flooring In Toronto, As Their Dedication To Producing Hardwood Of The Highest Quality Is Remarkable

They skilfully combine the craftsmanship of fine hardwood with state of the art technology to produce floors which are comfortable, resilient, and eye-catching. Above all else, they understand that their customers are making an investment in their floors and they are therefore committed to striving for excellence to ensure that their quality surpasses your expectations and that your flooring lasts for many years to come. They achieve this goal by paying close attention to every detail during the production process, including the material’s strength, stability, and uniformity. Each plank is impeccably executed using extremely precise moulding tools and machines which guarantee exact results. Similarly, their tongue and groove is meticulously crafted using the most advanced technology available to ensure that your hardwood will lay perfectly flat and level, creating a smooth, uniform surface. The end result is beautiful and luxurious hardwood which meets their rigorous quality control standards.

In Addition To Its Quality, Lauzon Is Known For Its Extensive Flooring Options

Their artisans are continually developing new techniques and introducing innovative styles and textures in order to meet the diverse tastes of their clientele. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, Lauzon’s various collections appeal to all design sensibilities. Although each finish is unique, they each seek to enhance and highlight the natural beauty of wood. Specializing in hard maple, red oak, white oak, red birch, yellow birch, hickory, African sapele, black walnut, Brazilian cherry, and Santos mahogany,their finishes are designed to bring out the distinctive patterned grains of each species. In addition to their large selection of species, their flooring collections are also available in a number of patterns, which enable clients to further customize their living space. For example, single and double herringbone patterns, parquet, and brick patterns are popular choices for those hoping to inject personality into their home.Regardless of which species, finish or pattern you choose, Lauzon flooring in Toronto will bring refined elegance to your home.

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Designer Collection

Lauzon’s Designer collection is known for its superior quality, remarkable durability, and unique character. Featuring a wide selection of diverse floors from both domestic and exotic woods including red and white oak, hickory, hard maple, African sapele, Santos mahogany, Brazilian cherry, black walnut, and yellow birch, this collection appeals to a wide variety of aesthetic tastes, from modern to traditional to eclectic. Pure Genius technology is available for most products within this collection and all designer flooring is treated with Lauzon’s advanced titanium finish.

Designer Collection

Although the Essential Collection is the most affordable range of Lauzon Flooring in Toronto, it features beautiful, high quality domestic woods such as hard maple, red oak, and yellow birch, which means that it is not necessary to sacrifice style or quality. This collection is treated with a standard aluminum oxide finish, which helps to keep its price point down.

Essential Collection

Although the Essential Collection is the most affordable range of Lauzon Flooring in Toronto, it features beautiful, high quality domestic woods such as hard maple, red oak, and yellow birch, which means that it is not necessary to sacrifice style or quality. This collection is treated with a standard aluminum oxide finish, which helps to keep its price point down.

Although The Company Has Grown Significantly Since Its Inception, Lauzon’s Commitment To The Environment Has Not Wavered

In fact, their milling and finishing processes have been developed to reduce waste, optimize resources, and minimize the company’s environmental footprint. As a result, Lauzon flooring in Toronto continues to lead the way when it comes tosustainable forest management and stewardship. From the forest lots that they manage in Outaouais, Quebec to their sawmill, and flooring finishing plants, their dedication to environmental awareness is evident.Examples of their sustainable practices include responsible sourcing, recycling and reusing. Whether they are sourcing wood from Canada or abroad, Lauzon only chooses wood from sustainably managed forests. In addition, they comply with the US Lacey Act, which means that their sources of timber are legal. Because they own and manage 2 million acres of wooden area in Outaouais, their forest management ensures that they have a 25 year supply of quality timber from a renewable resource. To allow for the renewal of younger trees, they harvest less than 30% of trees per 2.5 acres on a 25 year rotation, which guarantees the continual improvement of the forest, as younger, more vigorous trees are given the opportunity to thrive. Healthy, growing trees transform CO2 into oxygen, keeping our air clean. However, once trees mature, this process stops. This means that cutting down a tree whose growth period has ended helps to make room for younger trees to flourish. Once the matured tree is converted into hardwood flooring, it stores the carbon indefinitely, helping the planet.

Lauzon Is ISO 14001 Certified For Their Environmental Management Practices

As part of their dedication to the environment, Lauzon has a state of the art hardwood sawmill which precisely regulates their production to ensure that the use of every block of wood is maximized. Thus, when compared to the competition, they produce more planks from the same amount of wood. In fact, while the industry standard is approximately 45%, Lauzon has an 80% yield rate. Given that they make up 14% of Canada’s hardwood production, their environmental commitment has a tremendousimpact on the planet. Lauzon has a zero waste policy which means that they recycle all of their products. Although much of their wood is dried naturally using wind and careful temperature control, their primary source of energy for their heating and dryers stems from their shavings and sawdust. Any leftovers that they cannot use are turned into extremely efficient carbon neutral pellets for wood burning stoves. Their pellets have the highest BTU energy efficiency rating on the market and their burn time is unmatched.

Lauzon Takes Great Care To Ensure That Their Flooring Lives Up To Their Client’s High Standards For Many Years To Come

To build confidence in the quality of your investment, they offer extensive warranties on all of their products including a 35-year warranty for their Designer collection, a 30-year warranty for their Ambiance collection and a 25-year warranty for their Essential collection. They are continually revitalizing their products to be sure that they meet their meticulous standards which is why they have developed a number of innovations including Polynium+MD and NextStepMD in 1999, SunshieldMC in 2003, TitaniumTM in 2009 and Pure Genius® in 2013. Pure Genius is an air-purifying agent activated by light which is integrated into Lauzon’s Titanium floor finish. Although all of their floors are manufactured without the use of formaldehyde, VOC or solvents, meeting strict toxic emissions standards, the Pure Genius finish is designed to offer the highest level of protection. This feature is included in Designer and Ambiance collections except their homestead and urban loft series; however, it is available as an add-on. As a result, their flooring creates a healthy living environment, giving you peace of mind that your floors are made without the use of harmful chemicals. This makes them an ideal choice for individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma, or respiratory sensitivities. To see the best that Lauzon flooring has to offer, we invite you to drop by our showroom to peruse our extensive selection. Our team of experts would be happy to help you choose the best flooring for your needs. Lauzon’s superior quality, extremely high standards, and environmental commitment will bring you peace of mind regarding your flooring choice.

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