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Kronotex offers German designed and manufactured laminate floors that excel in style, durability, strength, and quality.


Kronotex laminate flooring production goes back to 1993, where it set out to produce laminate floors of the highest quality. Today, Kronotex is one of the leading European laminate flooring manufacturers, exporting to over 90 countries and having over 700 employees in it’s production facility in Heiligengrabe, Germany.

The company has set out to manufacture laminate floors to the highest standard of safety, manufacturing quality, and ecological responsibility.


Kronotex Flooring Collections

Mammut Collection

Mammut Plus Collection

Exquisit Plus Collection

Aqua Robusto Collection

Glamour Collection

Mega Plus Collection

Environmentally & Health Focused

The production and manufacturing techniques that Kronotex utilizes are focused towards developing laminate floors that are good for the environment and have minimal emissions. Laminate consists of about 90% wood, and thus has a positive eco-friendly profile. Kronotex goes a step further, investing in state of the art production systems which recycle and reuse heat and scrap, minimizing it’s environmental impact to the highest degree.

From a health perspective, Kronotex’s production doesn’t use pesticides, chlororganic compounds, plasticisers or toxic heavy metals. The floors are thus practically odourless and have extremely low emissions, and have formaldehyde emissions that are comparable of those of untreated wood and well below legal limits.

Easy Installation And Superb Material Qualities

Kronotex laminate floors offer a wide range of other benefits, such as ease of installation. They use a click-together system, that makes them easy to install and perfect for a DIY project. They are also abrasion-resistant and stain-resistant, and very easy to clean in the event of any spills or messes.

Mammut Plus Collection

The Mammut Plus collection is characterized by planks that are extra wide and long, making them perfect for larger rooms. They also create a spectacular natural wood appearance, which makes them a great practical alternative to real hardwood.

Robusto Collection

This collection’s special features include is strong load-bearing capacity. Robusto uses a high density 12mm carrier plate, which gives it maximal resistance. This collection is great for spaces with lots of foot traffic, including commercial and retail spaces.

Kronotex Herringbone

Patterned floor designs are commonly associated with hardwood. Kronotex Herringbone collection offers a patterned option, with all of the features of laminate. These selections provide a spectaculary sophisticated ambiance, and can create an interior design of the highest caliber.

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