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For over 80 years, Dubeau Floors have manufactured premium hardwood flooring of the highest quality. As a result, this Canadian company is a leader in the industry, renowned for their commitment to the environment, meticulous manufacturing process, and skilled craftsmanship.


Now known for their use of state-of-the-art technology, Dubeau flooring in Toronto has humble roots. It all began when brothers Jules and William Dubeau opened a sawmill in St. Norbert, Quebec in 1936. Known then as Dubeau Frères, the company became Canada’s second-oldest hardwood flooring manufacturer, as the brothers’ vision of providing Canadians with quality flooring became a reality.

Maintaining The Trust Of Customers

Chestnut Flooring proudly carries a wide range of Dubeau Flooring, as their hardwood’s natural beauty and durability is popular amongst customers who value the company’s tradition of excellence. In the 1960s, the company met the demand for an affordable alternative to strip flooring by developing a line of parquet products, which remain popular to this day. Undeterred by a fire, which destroyed their plant in 1978, the brothers rebuilt their business under the name Parquets Dubeau Ltd. and introduced a line of prefinished parquet in the 1980s. In 2001, Parquets Dubeau Ltd. collaborated with Lauzon Enterprises Ltd., becoming an industry leader in North America. While the company has changed drastically over the years, they’ve maintained their passion for quality wood products as well as their commitment to craftsmanship, which has enabled them to maintain the loyalty and trust of their customers. However, they have also adapted their products over the years, adopting sound environmental practices and utilizing rapidly changing technology to their advantage.

Manufacturing Process

Although Dubeau Floors began as a small sawmill, today their manufacturing process is on the leading edge thanks to years of research and technology investment and the dedication of their employees. The first step in their production process is the careful selection of the raw lumber used for their products. Once selected, the high quality wood strips go through a meticulous manufacturing process that utilizes state of the art technology and expert craftsmanship. All Dubeau products are manufactured at their facility in St. Norbert, Quebec, just north east of Montreal, where the company originated. Aside from their high quality, what sets Dubeau flooring apart is its distinctly smaller four-sided bevels and environmentally friendly, solvent, VOC- and formaldehyde-free finish. When purchasing Dubeau Flooring in Toronto, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new genuine hardwood floors will be easy to maintain and will last for generations to come. They are backed by a finish ‘wear-through’ limited warranty of 25 years (for residential use) as well as a limited lifetime structural warranty against manufacturing defects.

Environmental Responsibility

Because wood is a renewable resource, hardwood flooring in Toronto is an excellent choice for customers who are concerned about their ecological footprint. Dubeau is committed to environmental responsibility, as they understand that the continuous supply of timber is dependent upon the adoption of strict ecological management. Thus, they work to reduce their ecological footprint by preserving forest resources for future generations. To do this, they only use wood from forests, which are managed sustainably. They care for forest lands which cover two millions acres, meaning the company has a 25 year supply of raw lumber and they work to ensure that these forests perpetually renew their timber. In addition, they comply with the US Lacey Act, which means that all of their lumber is legally sourced and the Quebec Forest Act, which sets strict standards regarding fauna, water, forests, resorts, and other stakeholders. In addition, they are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management practices, which is a testament to the way they measure their impact on the environment. Finally, they also hold Chain of Custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada (FSC), an international designation that recognizes their promotion of responsible forest management. Because of the aforementioned credentials held by Dubeau, their products can be used to help customers earn LEED credits, a building rating system which measures the environmental and energy performance of buildings.

Exceeds Standards For Elegance And Excellence

Experience the exciting variety in Canadian Standard Flooring. Toronto ‘s Chestnut Flooring is dedicated to supporting clients through their design or renovation experience, every step of the way.

Whether updating your home, creating a functional and stylish commercial space, or putting unique, finishing touches on your condo, you’re welcome to browse our extensive collection of Canadian Standard Flooring in Toronto. You’ll find the hardwood, laminate, vinyl or engineered hardwood material you’re seeking. Let our experts enhance your experience and ensure you’re completely satisfied. Feel free to drop in to our vast flooring showroom, located in Vaughan.

Recycling Unused Wood

In addition to their exceptional forestry management, Dubeau Flooring demonstrates a commitment to sound environmental practices by recycling unused wood and hardwood residues, which they convert into boiler fuel. Their products are also finished with an environmentally friendly varnish formulated without the use of formaldehyde, solvents, or VOCs.

Toronto’s Dubeau Flooring Selection

Dubeau Floors specialize in hardwood, which means that their selection of finishes cannot be beat. A variety of natural, light, medium, and dark finishes are available in hard maple, red oak, and yellow birch, which mean that the choices are almost infinite. A member of our design team will be happy to help you chose the best Dubeau flooring in Toronto for your renovation.

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Natural – Hard Maple

If you are interested in a natural finish, hard maple is available in both select and better and variation. Natural select and better hard maple flooring highlights the wood’s natural characteristics with its subtle colour variations, while the colour variations found within natural variation flooring are more moderate or pronounced.

Apricot – Hard Maple

Hard maple hardwood in apricot has rich coppery nuances and moderate to pronounced colour variations, which exhibit the wood’s natural characteristics.



Nougatine hard maple hardwood has a moderate to pronounced colour variation and a warm coppery tone that highlights the wood’s natural characteristics.


Antique Bronze

Hard maple in an antique bronze finish has brown nuances and a moderate to pronounced presence of colour variations.


Cachemire is a red oak hardwood full of character as it is wire brushed, which gives it incredible texture and charm. It has pronounced colour variations that mean that signs of wear and tear will go unnoticed.

Apricot – Red Oak

Red oak hardwood in an apricot finish has beautiful coppery nuances and a moderate to pronounced variation of colours.



Red oak in a Newport finish has subtle gray nuances and moderate to pronounced colour variations.


Terra Cotta

Terra cotta red oak hardwood features rich brown nuances and a moderate to pronounced presence of colour variations.


Antique Bronze

Antique bronze yellow birch has brown nuances and a moderate to pronounced variation of colours.


Yellow birch in a bison finish has rich brown nuances with colour variations, which are moderate to pronounced, emphasizing the wood’s natural character.

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