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Coswick is a flooring brand like none other. Coswick’s main production facility is located in Zaslavl, a small town located just outside Minsk, Belarus. The company’s production system processes raw timber into the beautiful hardwood floors in their catalogue.


Coswick Hardwood Flooring is a European brand, which has been around since 1995. Coswick has a well-integrated cycle of production. This highly integrated cycle is what is used in every process of production to ensure that each product is of the very best quality. After all, the products are factory prefinished and ready to be installed in your house.

Even though Coswick Hardwood Flooring operates a state of the art machinery throughout the processes of their production, the company has well over 600 employees. This has helped them to consistently attain a feat of at least 1,000,000 sq/m of production every year since 2018, building a vast network of dealerships spanning across several countires.


Coswick Flooring Collections

Arts & Crafts Collection

Coffee Bean Collection

Coswick Flooring Collection

Coswick Wide Plank Flooring Collection

Country Collection

Heritage Collection

Herringbone Collection

Mosaic Floors Collection

Parquetry Collection

Signature Collection

Sport Flooring Collection

Tealeaf Collection

Uniblock Flooring Collection

Quality Is The Specialty

The company is specialized in creating hardwood floors with qualities above par, especially in durability and lasting performance. This is guaranteed by cutting edge technology used during production. In addition to long-lasting productions, Coswick is always at work to widen the scope of its designs to match the ever-increasing taste of trend. The company also develops customized solutions to implement any designer’s ideas. These solutions are not limited to just one colour, style or construction but a wide range of them.

Finally, if a tale of nature must be told, it is best said with nature. Therefore, Coswick Hardwood Flooring manufactures only environmentally friendly products for you. Environmental responsibilities and accountability are what makes Coswick amazing as they contribute to the preservation of our environment.

Brilliant Patterns

Patterns are the key to creating a one-of-a-kind flooring design that leaves a bold impression. Coswick specializes in manufacturing quality patterned flooring products, with patterns that include:

  1. Chevron

  2. Herringbone

  3. Mosaic

  4. Parquetry

  5. Uniblock Flooring

European Manufacturing

Coswick floors are manufactured according to best ecological and social standards.

European Standard Correspondence

All of Coswick’s product ranges correspond with the E1 class of the European standard EN14342 formaldehyde emission correspondence, as well as NAUF and ULEF requirements, per the American CARB and ASTM standard, ensuring that the level of emissions of volatile substances in their products is similar to that of natural wood.

Sustainable Ecological Practices

As all of Coswick’s products are made from natural wood, the company puts a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. They carry the FSC certificate of wood products supply chain, confirming that all wood that’s used originates from environmentally an socially responsible logging practices.

Quality That Demands Your Attention

With the superior quality of wood that’s used in all of their products and the innovative processes that are involved in their manufacturing process, Coswick floors deliver the quality that you can both see and feel.

CosNanoTech+ Finishing

CosNanoTech+ is Coswick’s 12 layer UV-cured coating, which provides spectacular durability & wear resistance. It makes a perfectly smooth flat surface that effectively seals the pores, which can increase the lifespan of the floors significantly.

Symmetrical Engineered Construction

Coswick engineered hardwood floors use birch as the base and middle core of the 3-layered floors. Birch offers superior hardness, and creating exceptional balance and symmetry, and also prevents warping if there are changes in temperature or humidity.

Designs And Styles For Sophisticated Palettes

From intricate patterned parquets to brilliant natural wood colors and finishes, each of Coswick’s product lines is sure to leave a formidable impression.

The sturdiness and quality of build is something that you’ll immediately notice and feel. Come see the complete range of collections for yourself, and experience a range of flooring selections that’s unparalleled to anything else.

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection consists of vibrant timeless selections made with quality wood species, including oak, ash, and american wallnut.

1. Finished with CosNanoTech+ lacquer

2. 25 years finish warranty, 25 year or lifetime structural warranties

3. 3-layer single-strip boards and 3-layer single strip boards with CosLock lock joint

Brushed & Oiled Collection

The brushed collection entices splendid warmth by releasing the highlighting the natural splendor of oak and ash textures. The UV Silk-Oil finish leaves a brilliant finish that is pleasant to the feel and hides dust, small scratches, and dent.

1. Protective UV Silk-Oil finish
2. Surface brushed to bring out natural wood patterns
3. 3-layer single-strip boards with tongue-groove joint, 3-layer board CosLoc 5G

Heritage Collection

The heritage collection is characterized by unique two-colour tones intended to emphasize the wood’s natural texture.

1.  Combined Silk-oil and Hardwax-oil to accentuate the wood’s texture and depth
2. Eco-friendly natural wood flooring with natural oils and wax
3. Available as solid boards or engineered flooring boards

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