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Bruce is the leading manufacturer of North American hardwood flooring in the United States. Most of their products are harvested from the Appalachian Mountains and manufactured in the USA. Their solid and engineered hardwood products are known for their clear grain, consistent color and excellent stability. We, at Chestnut Flooring, are proud to bring over the impressive range of products offered by Bruce to Toronto for our Canadian clients.


Bruce is one of the oldest names in flooring. For over 100 years’ customers have trusted in Bruce Hardwood to provide beautiful, long-lasting hardwood floors and stylish, durable laminate floors.
To produce the highest quality hardwood floors, Bruce grows its own trees in the Appalachians and harvests for clear grain and consistent colour. Instead of focusing on maximizing volume, the company maximizes quality for the absolute best flooring products.

Also a leading name in laminate flooring, Bruce ensures that it’s laminate products are stylistically cutting edge and always ground-breakingly realistic.As one of the leading brands in hardwood, Bruce (an Armstrong brand) is dedicated to sustainability and good environmental practises. Over 90% of the company’s volume is manufactured locally within the USA, using local raw materials, thereby enhancing the sustainability of the national forests. Bruce strategy requires that the communities where the good are extracted and processed are protected. Bruce also supports globally sustainable forest management practices, including the replanting of trees to replenish forest growth.In terms of laminate, the policy is also sustainability. All Bruce laminate products contribute to the MR6.0 LEED rating system by containing a high percentage of renewable fiber sources. The Premium collections contain recycled content and contribute to MR4.0.

Leading Manufacturer

Although trends come and go, hardwood flooring is a timeless classic that has remained popular over the years. The elegant, high-end look that hardwood provides increases the value of any space in which it is installed. Catering to the highly competitive real estate market in Toronto, Bruce has a variety of styles to choose from in both engineered and solid hardwood.

Solid Hardwood

Many people are confused as to what exactly the difference is between engineered and solid hardwood.

Although both types of planks are made from 100% real wood, there are differences when it comes to their construction, stability and installation.

Solid hardwood planks are created from a single, thick piece of solid wood. Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, has a layer of plywood or hardwood at the core, and a hardwood veneer on the top surface.

Wide Variety Of Style

At Chestnut Flooring, we are proud carriers of a wide variety of styles of offered by Bruce in Toronto.

When it comes to solid hardwood, whether it is the traditional style you are looking for, or the more rustic, hand-scraped look, there are many designs to choose from. Ranging from warm and earthy tones, to lighter hues and everything in between, there is sure to be a style to please every aesthetic. To complete your project, they also have a full range of trims and moldings to give each floor an elevated finish

Variety Of Installation Methods

The range of products offered by Bruce also come in a variety of installation methods.

From floating, glue, lock & fold, to staple style there is a method to suit all levels of expertise. For DIY enthusiasts, floating style installation is usually an attractive option as they simply float above the subfloor.

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Hardwood And Engineered Hardwood

Bruce features a luxurious selection of styles, species, colours and specialty finishes.

Bruce’s highly durable hardwood is beautiful and long lasting, so long as it is properly maintained throughout the lifespan of the flooring. Bruce offers four unique and beautiful styles of products: Hand Scraped, Rustics, American Exotics and Traditional. For a closer look at all styles and flooring, please visit company website.


The look and style of hand crafted, aged hardwoods.

Old time style meeting modern technology, this hardwood flooring offers a unique flooring experience that seeks to re-defined tradition and nature in the modern home.

American Exotics

Domestic species in a vast variety of colour.
The complexity of rich, bold colours, paired with commonly seen grains and patterns makes for a gorgeous collection of modern and unique flooring.


Traditional styles in oak, cherry, walnut, birch, hickory, maple, and ash.


Bruce laminate flooring mimics the timeless statement of hardwood and seeks to instill luxury into homes where hardwood is impossible.

Laminate flooring from Bruce can be installed in any room in your home. It’s also very durable. Bruce laminate can stand up to busy households with kids and pets. And laminate wood flooring is stylish too, coming in a wide range of styles and colors.

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