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Biyork Flooring in Toronto is one of the leading suppliers of high quality, yet versatile flooring systems in Canada. With its dedication to perfection and master workmanship over the years, Biyork has proved itself as a major player in the flooring manufacturing industry.


Biyork’s product lines are designed to translate into unique masterpiece projects for its customers. Conveniently located just outside Toronto, Biyork Floorings 80,000 square foot warehouse is fully equipped with an extensive line of flooring products to meet all customer needs. Biyork has a flooring option to suit varying complexities and all sizes of projects. From quick and easy installation options with a simple click style mechanism, to thicker more heavy-duty panels, there is something for everyone.


Biyork Flooring Collections

Nouveau 8 Collection

Weather Resistant

When it comes to engineered hardwood flooring, Biyork boasts an impressive selection of styles to suit all aesthetics.

Furthermore, the flooring is uniquely designed with a multi-layer construction, tested to perform well in the harsh Canadian climate. The unique makeup of the flooring gives it the impressive ability to maintain its stability through fluctuations in humidity during different seasons.

With a strong commitment to being environmentally aware, Biyorks flooring products are also low on formaldehyde emissions and VOC content.

Rigid Core Line

For a flooring system that is suited to withstand heavy use, Biyork offers their Rigid Core line.

This type of flooring is extremely durable, yet the design is versatile enough to give it a luxurious and compelling finish. Rigid Core flooring is also completely waterproof, making it an attractive option for busy households and heavy traffic areas. The simple click style installation gives customers the option to install it as a DIY project, making it even more economical.

Enhanced Rigid Core System

For those looking to take their flooring one step further, the Enhanced line of products offer that extra edge.

For customers looking for a floor with more cushioning for greater comfort, the Enhanced Rigid Core system is manufactured with an underlayment layer that does just that. For those who prefer a tile like finish, the Enhanced Tile Rigid Core system provides thermal value in a wide variety of tile-like finishes.

'220' Line Flooring

As part of their rigorous manufacturing process, Appalachian Flooring has a number of policies in place to minimize production waste.

They take pride in their environmental consciousness and work to proactively reduce the impact that their production has on the environment and to ensure that they are conserving the hardwood species for future generations. As part of their environmental commitment, they comply with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council-Chain of Custody Standard. This means that they minimize waste by using wood residue for energy to kiln dry their green lumber and source their wood products from environmentally responsible suppliers. Appalachian Flooring in Toronto is establishing itself as an industry leader as more and more customers are expressing an interest in supporting companies that maintain ethical manufacturing practices.

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