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As one of the leading manufacturers of both solid and engineered hardwood flooring in Canada, Appalachian Flooring in Toronto is dedicated to providing consumers with high quality hardwood that appeals to a wide range of design aesthetics

For over 15 years, the name Appalachian Flooring has been synonymous with luxurious hardwood and superior quality. The breathtaking beauty of our surroundings, including the Appalachian mountain range, inspires their products. Their wide range of rich hardwoods brings the natural beauty found outside, into your home and that allows you to enjoy nature every day. 

Their name pays homage to one of the most exquisite areas of North America, running from Canada’s eastern seaboard to central Alabama, which houses a wide array of renowned hardwood species including black walnut, cherry, hard maple, red oak, white oak, yellow birch, and hickory. Local workers harvest the majority of their materials from this area before sending them to production facilities, also located in the Appalachians. Built in 2000, their primary facility is in Cowansville, Quebec, while their engineered facility, opened in 2012, is located in North Troy, Vermont. At Chestnut Flooring in Toronto, Appalachian Flooring is among the high quality products offered. They have secured their position as one of the premier hardwood flooring producers in North America.

The company has patented it’s revolutionary Evershine™ finish, which provides exceptional protection and resistance to wear for your floors. It allows your floors to be both beautiful and resilient due to it’s phenomenal capacity to retain its gloss and resist wear-through, thereby preserving the original beauty of the floor, and keeping your floor looking better, longer. Evershine offers customers: a 35 year warranty on wear, seven coats of UV cured polyurethane, Advanced Nanotechnology & Aluminum Oxide and Ultra-fresh anti-microbial additive, to ensure your satisfaction will last. Appalachian flooring takes pride in it’s environmental policy and aims to maintain it’s facilities to be as eco-friendly as possible by creating a manufacturing process that produces minimal waste, transforming wood residue into energy, and finding responsible suppliers for all their wood products.


Appalachian Flooring Collections

Era Design Collection

Unique Manufacturing Process

One of the things that set Appalachian Flooring apart from the competition is their unique manufacturing process.

To ensure the upmost quality and that their production adheres to their strict environmental policy, they only work with sawmills and reputable forestry operators who follow responsible forestry regulations and environmental guidelines. In addition, they purchase only the best quality planks and logs for production in their state of the art manufacturing facility, which has the highest quality control standards in the industry.

The milled planks are then finished in their prefinishing factory, ensuring that each and every piece meets their high standards. They are committed to a practice of continuous improvement and strive for perfection, which means that they are constantly streamlining their production in order to develop hardwood flooring of the highest quality.

The Evershine™ Difference

After each plank passes quality control, it is then treated with Evershine™, Appalachian’s patented finish that has revolutionized hardwood flooring by providing a finish that is both beautiful and incredibly durable.

Comprised of a high concentration of aluminum oxide nanoparticles, which are suspended in a UV-cured polyurethane finish, Evershine™ is praised for its ability to provide a resilient finish that protects your floors from every day wear and tear. Because the abrasion-resistant aluminum oxide particles are on the top layer of the Evershine™ finish, the wood’s original appearance is preserved for years to come and is backed with a 35-year warranty. 

As a result, Appalachian hardwood is ideal for high traffic areas of the home as well as busy commercial spaces. In addition, this finish is UV stabilized which means that there is a reduction in colour change over time and it includes an ultra-fresh anti-microbial additive, which provides consumers with added peace of mind. On top of its practical qualities, Evershine™ also provides a gorgeous finish to your floors and the retention of its gloss maintains the original beauty for years to come.

Manufacturer Guarantee

Appalachian floors treated with Evershine™ come with a 35-year manufacturer warranty. This warranty indicates the high quality and technical expertise you can expect with Appalachian flooring. They are a company dedicated to exceeding industry expectations and their own incredibly high standards. As a result, customers can feel confident that they are making a sound investment as Appalachian flooring in Toronto is built to last. 

This warranty covers pre-finished solid and engineered hardwood flooring provided that its installation adheres to the recommended Appalachian Flooring and National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) installation guidelines and that the floors are properly maintained and kept at an appropriate level of humidity.

Environmental Policy

As part of their rigorous manufacturing process, Appalachian Flooring has a number of policies in place to minimize production waste.

They take pride in their environmental consciousness and work to proactively reduce the impact that their production has on the environment and to ensure that they are conserving the hardwood species for future generations. As part of their environmental commitment, they comply with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council-Chain of Custody Standard. This means that they minimize waste by using wood residue for energy to kiln dry their green lumber and source their wood products from environmentally responsible suppliers. Appalachian Flooring in Toronto is establishing itself as an industry leader as more and more customers are expressing an interest in supporting companies that maintain ethical manufacturing practices.

Huge Range Of Rich Colors & Textures

At Chestnut Flooring, we carry an impressive catalogue of Toronto hardwood flooring products in a huge range of rich colours and textures that appeal to our clients’ refined tastes. Whether you prefer a traditional finish or an innovative, contemporary design, Appalachian products are available in a wide array of finish options. A brief synopsis of their Signature, Villa Europa, Era Design, Alta Moda, and Special FX collections are outlined below, however, we recommend visiting our showroom in order to get a better sense of the vast possibilities available. A member of our design team will be happy to guide you through the options to help you select the best flooring for your particular space.

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is a compilation of prefinished hardwood floors that do not require sanding before use and features the EvershineTM finish, which is backed with a 35-year warranty, as its top layer protects the floor’s original appearance. This collection, which features hardwood species such as hickory, maple, birch, red oak, and American black walnut, is designed to highlight the wood’s natural beauty. In addition to choosing your preferred species based on grain size and hardness, you can select your tint, colour, and gloss, enabling you to completely customize the design of your floors.

Alta Moda Collection

The Alta Moda collection is a unique collection of red and white oaks flooring which delivers a chic, high-end finish. Light wire brushing on each plank works to highlight its character and enhance its texture. Sophisticated and complex stains are then applied to create showstopper floors that are sure to make a statement in any space. Finally, an ultra-matte finish is applied which delivers a modern look, while also improving the floor’s durability, making this collection ideal for busy households. Available in both solid and engineered profiles in a wide range of widths and grades, the Alta Moda range of Appalachian flooring in Toronto can be completely customized to express your personal style.

Era Design Collection

This collection is both traditional and modern, as it uses classic materials such as white oak, hard maple, red oak, American black walnut, and hickory, but tints and cut them according to modern design. What sets this collection apart is its use of an innovative oil process that protects and preserves the wood’s rich natural appearance without creating a visible artificial layer. A soya based oil finish is used during the production process, creating a fine patina which prevents against scratches and ensures that spills do not permeate its surface, thereby extending the longevity of the floors. This collection is ideal for those are interested in achieving a modern take on traditional design as it allows the natural texture and beauty of the wood to be showcased in an innovative way. With luxurious beauty and lush organic textures, this collection is perfect for modern spaces. An innovative oil process helps to preserve and protect the rich appearance of the wood without obscuring it beneath an artificial layer. Species include: hard maple, red and white oak, black walnut and hickory, all tinted and cut according to the most modern design.

Special FX Collection

This collection utilizes state of the art technology to deliver unique finishes, revolutionizing our concept of hardwood flooring. Ideal for modern settings and artistic commercial spaces, the Special FX collection uses traditional hardwood species such as hard maple, red and white oak, and yellow birch, but pushes the limits of design by introducing pastel tints, matte finishes, and metallic coatings. Thus, it creates an interesting juxtaposition, as the warmth of the natural wood grain beautifully contrasts with the modern colours and/or radiant shines that the finish creates. In addition to its innumerable fun and funky finishes, the Special FX collection is available in both solid and engineered profiles in a variety of widths and grades, which enables clients to further customize their floor coverings. With the Special FX collection, your wildest dream can truly become a reality.

Villa Europa Collection

Like all of the Appalachian flooring in Toronto, this collection stems from the manufacturer’s appreciation for nature and strong desire to bring in beauty from the outside. However, the Villa Europa collection couples the company’s passion for nature with an eye for design and creativity, consequently redefining hardwood flooring. Species such as hard maple, red oak, and white oak in a wide range of colours are tinted and cut in a way that adheres to modern design. Each plank is treated individually, which provides it with exceptional character and delivers a unique finish. This collection allows customers to experience classical style mixed with creativity and quality. Species include: hard maple in various colours, red oak and white oak, all tinted and cut according to modern design.

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